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Permai Rainforest Resort
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Flora & Fauna  


Malaysia is rated among the twelve 'mega-diverse' countries of the world, being home to some 185,000 species of fauna and about 12,500 species of flowering plants. The Borneo rainforest are considered to be among the most species-rich forests in the world. Set in such forest, Permai Rainforest Resort's real treasure is undoubtedly the
wealth of plants and animals that exists within and around the resort.

The environment of Permai Rainforest Resort can be divided into 4 main types: swamp, coastal, streams and riparian areas, and mixed dipterocarp forest.

The Swamp Area
The swamp supports palms and other plants that are adapted to living in flooded salty conditions. The most common palms are nibong and nipah. These help bind the soil, reducing erosion. Many species of fish and crustaceans use the swamps for breeding.

The swamp is especially interesting at night. Moths hover around the lights that line the walkway through the swamp, while geckos stalk them, their territorial disputes adding to the sounds of the night.


Permai Rainforest Resort has two types of coastal environment: a sandy beach and an extensive rocky shoreline. The rocky beaches act as breakwaters to the waves and erosive actions of the tides. Along the beach, on the edge of the forest, there is a fringe of casuarina or 'rhu laut'.

Great for family getaways.

Streams and Riparian Areas

Riparian areas form a transition zone from wet areas to dry land. The streams originate in the nearby hills. The stream water is cool and, after heavy rain, fast flowing. The banks of the streams are rich with ferns and aroids. These areas are alive with dragonflies and frogs.

Mixed Lowland Dipterocarp Forest

Forest occupies most of the resort's 44 acres and contains trees over 30 meters high, some believed to be hundreds of years old. The forest floor is sparsely covered with shrubs, herbaceous plants, fungi and ferns. The canopy layer is extremely dense. At certain times of the day you can see the long tail macaques in the trees. There are two nature trails through the forest which are well marked and will provide hours of enjoyment for those wishing to experience the unique Borneo rainforest.

Basic Flora & Fauna Inventory Training Project At Permai Rainforest Resort ~ Conducted & prepared by The Sarawak Biodiversity Centre



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