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Medicinal Plants  

Scientific Name
Local Names
Lycopodium cernuum Lycopo-diaceae rumput serani For cuts and wounds: pound young leaves and apply to the affected part.
For liver inflammation, sore eyes, rheumatism and cough: boil plant in water to make a drink.
Dillenia suffruticosa Dillenia-ceae simpoh For cuts and wounds: a cleansing solution is prepared by boiling the bark in water. The roots have been used to treat epilepsy.
Blechnum orientale Blechna-ceae paku kelindang For treatment of boils or abscesses, to draw out the pus: pound young leaves and apply as a poultice. Crosier or young leaves eaten as vegetables.
Dianella ensata Liliaceae manang padi As an antidote for snakebite and bee sting: the fruits are pounded into a paste and applied on the wound.
Hibiscus rosasinesis Malvaceae bunga raya For high fever and urinatory infection: boil dried flowers, roots and leaves in water to make a drink.
For cut and wounds: grind fresh leaves as poultice.
Pandanus acuminatus Pandana-ceae pandan To prevent injuries during heavy manual work: slice leaves into thin ribbons and tie on fingers and wrists. Leaves also used as flavouring in cakes and as an air freshener.
Eurycoma longifolia Simarou-baceae tongkat ali Used to treat high fever, kidney problem, back pain, headache, stomach ache, and to regain strength after a sickness or excessive alcohol consumption. Boil roots or whole plant in water to make a tea.
Pithcellobium Jeringa Fabaceae jering For diabetes: boils leaves in water and drink.

Dillenia suffruiticosa (Simpoh)

Lycopodium cernuum (Rumput serani)

Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali)

The use of the above plants as medicine is based on local traditional beliefs and customs. Their effectiveness, scientifically, cannot as yet be guaranteed.



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