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Permai Rainforest Resort
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Though no in-depth study have been done on the wildlife of the Permai Rainforest Resort area, from the number of species observed there it can be concluded that the variety and numbers of wildlife are as plentiful as in other rainforest areas.

The invertebrate fauna of Permai Rainforest Resort include butterflies, dragonflies, praying mantis, spiders, giant ants, weaver ants (kerengga), bees, snails, slugs, and giant millipedes.


Giant millipede

Praying mantis

The giant ants are black, with large heads, and can grow up to 30mm in length. They are nocturnal creatures and during the day nest at the bases of trees and in fallen logs.

Termites are often thought to be part of the ant family but are most closely related to the cockroach. Living in colonies of thousands, termites consume much of the leaf litter on the forest floor. They thus play a vital role in the forest ecosystem, but are also destructive. They sometimes nest inside tree trunks and gradually eat away the wood.

Often heard, but seldom seen, is the cicada. Rather large insects, cicadas spend much of their adult life high in the canopy of the trees. They make a very distinct sound by vibrating membranes on the sides of their bodies.


The reptiles present include geckos, skinks, pythons and pit vipers. Geckos and skinks are common.


Monitor Lizard (Biawak)

Kuhl's Creek Frog

The largest python seen in the the resort was in November last year and estimated to be 5 metros long. It was resting in one of the streams, possibly having just completed moulting.
For more details on the encounter click here snake

The green pit viper is often seen along the jungle trails. This species is poisonous and their presence is one of the main reasons why trekkers are advised to wear long pants and boots.


Another common resident is the monitor lizard or 'biawak'. It can grow up to 2 meters long and has a short snout, a rounded body and a long slender tongue which flickers in and out of its mouth.


Common among the many species of birds seen in the resort are the Pink-Necked Green Pigeon, the Brown Headed Barbet, the Yellow-Vented Bulbul and the Asia Fairy-Bluebird.

The brown barbet, with its big bill and orange throat, has a distinctive call. Living in groups, they can be located by listening for their thin, wheezy, squeaky whistles.

Asia Fairy-Bluebird

Yellow-vented Bulbul


Mammals include wild boars, Mueller's Rat, Prevost Squirrels, giant otters and the elusive Barking Deer.

The plantain squirrel, with its finely speckled brown back and orange under parts, is quite common. They are tree dwellers but the sight of food left in the open often entices them down to the ground.


Pink Dolphin or Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin Sousa chinensis chinensis
Irrawaddy Dolphin
Orcaella brevirostris

© Pictures are courtesy of Unimas and the Sarawak Dolphin Project.

The coastline of Sarawak is home to 6 species of dolphins, 3 of which commonly cross the waters surrounding the resort. Namely the Pink Dolphin, the Irrawaddy Dolphin and the Bottlenose dolphin. The Finless porpoises is also found in nearby waters on the eastern side of the Santubong peninsula.

Two extremely shy residents of the forest is the anteater (pangolin) and the flying squirrel. A pangolin was last seen in the main resort area in 2000. The flying squirrel or the tupai terbang kubong is seen only at night.

In the evenings, a stroll along the rocky shore may enable you to catch sight of one of nature's great hunters, the memerang. Always seen in packs of three or four, the otter's fishing skills are remarkable.

Primates in and around the resort include Long-tailed macaques and the Silver-Leaf Monkey. Proboscis monkeys are also sighted occasionally. The Silver Leaf Monkeys are the most abundant species here and can be found within the immediate resort area and along the jungle trails. They frequently pass the tree houses and the cafe. The best time to see them is in the late evenings when they are feeding and playing in the trees.


Amphibian & Fish

The streams that flow through the resort are home to some interesting amphibians. These include the White-lipped frog and the Kuhl's creek frog.

They are also home to the catfish and to the halfbeaks, which has a unique prolonged lower jaws which look like beak.

Basic Flora & Fauna Inventory Training Project At Permai Rainforest Resort ~ Conducted & prepared by The Sarawak Biodiversity Centre



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